Simple and delicate Bolero

simple and delicate bolero

bolero simplu si delicatSize: 86 cm;
You will need:
– 100 g fir bej (25% poliacril, 10% cashemir, 30% viscoza, 35% merino, 1800 m);
– knitting No.3;
– Circular knitting needles no. 3.;
– 1 button.

Work density: Ochiuri 22 x 42 = 10 x 10 cm randuri.

The hemstitch pattern:
Row 1 (front side): 1 edge stitch, * 2 mesh front, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over, 8 mesh face *, 2 front stitches, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over,3 stitches front, 1 edge stitch.
Row 2 and all rows even: all stitches purl;
Row 3: 1 edge stitch, * 1 front stitch, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over, 2 knit stitches together,1 yarn over, 7 mesh face *, 1 knit stitch, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over,2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over, 2 front stitches, 1 edge stitch.
Row 5: ca si randul 1;
Row 7: all stitches front;
Row 9: 1 edge stitch, * 8 mesh front, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over, 2 front stitches, *, 7 knit stitches, 1 edge stitch.
Row 11: 1 edge stitch, * 7 mesh front, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over, 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over,1 knit stitch, *, 7 knit stitches, 1 edge stitch.
Row 13: ca si randul 9;
Row 15: ca si randul 7;
Repeat rows 1-16.

Work description:
Back and front sides:
Mounted 87 plates nr.3.5 needles and knits model hemstitch, adding every 2nd row 3 mesh from both sides, 2 ochiuri 6 x 1 smile = 111 ochiuri.
After 20 rows knitted, meshes are divided as follows: How many 27 mesh to 57 mesh on the front and to the rear. Every detail will be knit separately.

Left side front:
For sleeve neckline will decrease every 2nd row from left 3 stitches, 2x 1ochi. Simultaneously from the right side will add 2 x 1 eye every 4th row.
After 6.5 cm from neckline sleeve neckline will be deducted for each one eye in each row until 12 stitches on the needle will remain.
After 13.5 cm from neckline sleeve all meshes are closed. The right girl will knit symmetrical with the left.

Back: Frost for rascroiala manecilor mesh will be similar to those on the front.
After 10.5 cm from neckline sleeve will close 13 mesh in the center, and from each side of the neck rascroielii (It tricoteaza as separate details) will close every 2nd row 3 mesh, 2x 1ochi.
After 13.5 cm from neckline sleeve 12 stitches left on each shoulder are closed.

Sleeve: 95 plates are mounted needles and knits nr.3.5 4 rows lazy point. Next are closed on both sides by 30 mesh (This will be the shoelaces).
The remaining 35 mesh knits like this: 3 stitches lazy point, 29 point mesh jersey, knitting 2 stitches in each eye, 3 mesh point lazy = 64 mesh.
After 10 times of the early additions are as follows knits: 3 stitches lazy point, 26 stitches front, se inchid 6 ochiuri, 26 stitches front, 3 stitches lazy point.
Stitches closed in the center of the row represents the beginning of rascroielii Islands.
Further detail is closing in a circle and point tricoteaza Jersey.
From neckline sleeves are closed on both sides in every 2nd row 2 x 1 eye. After, it knits 13 times as then both sides will drop 1 each eye, After 4 rows minus 1 each eye and from both sides. After, every 2nd row from both sides will decrease 2 stitches,3 stitches,4 stitches, 5 stitches. Close all stitches.

Finishing: The shoulder seam. It sew sleeves, making each equally spaced four folds on each sleeve.
On the bottom edge of the boleroului and the parties face, on the upside it mounts on the andrelele;. 3 stitches and 4 rows dot jersey knits, after will knit 1 row hemstitch: 2 knit stitches together, 1 jeteu pana la sfarsitul randului. You will knit 5 rows with a dot Jersey after 2 rows point Jersey color corded motifs that make. Knitted band bend after the turn and sew eyelet with the accuracy of the face. Rows with contrasting thread remove.
Rascroielii neck finish will be realiaza as, will only point jersey knit 2 rows, 1 hemstitch row, 3 rows point jersey.
It achieves a lacing and button sew (see picture). Shoelaces from sleeve bow like a leag.

Comments to Simple and delicate Bolero

  • Finishing is the hottest. If I'd come out here, I finish it all lucrusoarele. Going to try to get me out so you.

    cristina 8 June, 2012 7:56 I
  • I'm not very experienced and therefore beg to explain how to do the multiplication to every second row… and sorry to bother

    dannie 10 June, 2013 10:08 am
  • The first 3 eyelets add mounts simply andrea, and as these two, then it will add 1 eye- After or before the edge of the eye 2 meshes of the row above.

    Nina 11 June, 2013 9:23 pm
  • Hi, No it's not experienced, Please enlightened me with this multiplication,
    2 agaug the 3 eyelets, that in turn 4 to add 2 and 6 to add the 1 eye?

    cristina 27 September, 2014 6:49 pm
  • Those additions are made on the side edges and give a round shape edges. Mesh mounted on andrea.
    Mount the 3 eyelets on andrea, tricotezi them on the other end of the row and add the 3 eyelets. In dos, tricotezi them as dos meshes.
    The following additions are made to the same in other rows.
    They include added stitches in knitting eyelet pattern.

    Nina 28 September, 2014 5:00 pm
  • Is this pattern available in English? I do not understand all the terms used in the instructions.

    Knotunravel 25 June, 2019 1:09 am

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