The wick watering system

watering system with fuse providing

sistem-udare-prin-fitilWick watering system is an ideal system for those who collect African violets and hold over 30 pieces in its collection.

It is a pretty practical scheme, allows saving of time. African Violet chickens grow faster and bloom much earlier ( month of the third or fourth) flush chemical injuries than those in farfuriuta (This fifth or sixth). Water and nutrients to reach the roots of the plant evenly, and the soil of potted air circulates easily long.

Materials needed for watering system with fuse:
Optimal condition for a harmonious development of the root system of the plant (obvious and plant) consists of a combination of three components: water, air and Earth mixture.

Watering system with fuse permeable materials are used and which retain moisture well. Perfect material for this type of system and used in equal proportions, are: perlitul, vermiculitul and peat mixture for indoor plants.
Before being used, perlitul and vermiculitul will be wet with water. The mixture should be wet, not soggy.

For Wick winding around fits any synthetic material. By Wick, due to the capillary force of the plant, It will raise the water in the tank ' under ' pots. Important is that it does not rot easily and to absorb moisture.
The material chosen for Wick winding around, before being used will be wet and let it dry. Then, put in a glass of water. If it has been moistened fast – it's perfect for fuse, If floats above not to be absorbed a little water-is looking for other material.
Perfect material for manufacture of ladies stockings are wick winding around. It will cut out strips of 20-25 cm in length and width 7-8 mm. Before being placed in the crock pot, they will squirt.

As the tank can be used in any container. Ideal are plastic cups sour cream or yogurt. In their cover to make a hole where you will insert the wick, and on top of the lid and place the plant pot.
Chicken pots can be filled with a common tank, made of plastic boxes in which keeps it usual confectionery products.

How to place the plant on the fuse?ghiveci fitil
Before they get from the plant will be squirt, that during planting the soil to be moist.
It will prepare a new mixture of Earth, stirring very well all the cellular. The holes on the bottom of the ghiveciului will cover with foam. In one of the holes is going to introduce the moistened Wick, leaving out one end of 8-10 cm length. Wire strip length depends on the chosen tank depth.

Keeping with the inner side of Wick winding around hand, ghiveciului ass sits on a layer of Perlite or from a mixture of Earth of 2 centimeters thick, While the wick is placed in the form of a ring on the surface of this layer.
If the pots are planted a mature plant, pot will fill with mixture of Earth up to 2/3 of its height, you will plant a flower, will fill the pot with soil.

The plant will sweep out the old pot, willaranjare ghiveci fitil remove from the roots it is possible the old soil, without harming the root. The roots will not wash, because there is a possibility that they rot.
Violeta africana are planted neatly in the pot ready, distribund roots of Earth's surface. With one hand holding plant, Earth mixture is poured on top of the roots, until fill 5–8.

Pot sits down on the tank and the wick through the hole in the lid.
Plant watering above, without water to arrive directly to the roots. The water has to flow through the fuse in your tank.
The plant sits where is the place and after a few days it will fill the tank with water and. In the water from the tank can be put and nutrients necessary for the plant, especially after a rest period prosperity abundance.

The frequency of filling the tank depends on its volume, plant sizes, humidity and air temperature in the room, the intensity of the air currents surrounding the plant.
In normal conditions, a reservoir with a volume of 250 ml will be filled with an interval of 7-8 days in the case of a mature plant, in the case of pup something rarer.

If you fill in the reservoir next to the left planta ghiveci fitila little water, This throw, Rinse the tank and fill it with water ready for watering.
If there is water in the rezrvor and the wick is dry, the plant will wet top, until the water will drip into the reservoir through the wick winding around.
If above ground are a whitish sediment, the plant will wet top, allowing water to flow into the sink. In this way the soil will be washed of excess salts that can damage the plant.

If the growth of plant, especially of violet, It is hydrated in abundance and is covered with a sediment of Red-Brown, the plant will take on the tank and a few weeks it will squirt out of the farfuriuta, leaving to dry the ground surface between watering. When the plant will return and there will be new leaflet, It will wet again by Wick.

Of Course, watering through the fuse is not a life-saving solution for many collectors of African violets. Anyone In the House are different conditions and not for all this solution turns out to be a perfect.
Its worth a try. For starters go to watering through the fuse just a few less valuable copies of Your collection. Perhaps this method of watering will be much more efficient than the usual and you will be able to increase beautiful specimens with less loss of time and effort.

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