Crocheted hat with thick yarn

sapca crosetata cu fir gros

sapca crosetata cu fir grosHead circumference: 51 cm;

You will need:

– 110 g thick beige thread;
– Croseta nr. 8.

Work density: 6 ochiuri x 14 randuri = 10 x 10 cm.

Work description:
CAP is composed of two parts: cozorocul and c being separate woman crocheting.

The top or c sepcii:

It is a chain of 72 stitches sweater (24 reports having 3 mesh) and No. 1 -3 times a sweater after scheme. Among four will add mesh (32 reports having 3 mesh), and in turn will decrease 7 stitches (24 reports), in randul 9- 18 reports, in randul 11-12 raporturi (see scheme).

Then, on the floor of the upper legs are sweater 3 times without jeteu- 39 feet to 33 feet from the rear and brim (Scheme 2).

Edge brim cap and place it finiseza 1 "increments Cancer".

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