Gray jumpsuit “I love me”

Coverall gray "I love me""

Gray jumpsuit Size: 56/62; 68/74; 80/86;
– 250/250/300 g gray wire (40% poliacril, 25% wool, 35% clorofibra, 136 m/50 g) 50 g wire gray booties;
50 g white yarn, 50 g fir rosu, 50 g black yarn (40% poliacril, 25% wool, 35% clorofibra, 136 m/50 g);
– Bodkins with cord No.3 and nr.3.5;
– No knitting needles for socks. 2.5;
– 09.09.11 staples
– Two buttons.
Work density: 23 stitches x 30 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

The basic model is shown in diagram no.. 1. Model length is 22 stitches.Tricoteaza once the starting row 1 to row 38. Tricoteaza n point of the Jersey and tricoteaza so many stitches from a color, they see each scheme. Neîntrebuinţat the thread on the back of work ahead, so as not to gather knitting. Color change, the wires are placed in cross on back of work, not to form a gap.
Cheotoarele: 2 knit stitches together, 1 yarn over.

Work description:

The right rear Cracul and face of pantalonasilor. Mount on needle no. 3 wired gray 26/30/34 tricoteaza a mesh and beaded headband 2 cm point Jersey and 1 row front mesh dos. After which will knit with needles no. 3.5 point Jersey, two zipped pockets but for rascroiala, adding from both parties among 8, 1 x 1 stitch, and every 6th row 4 x 1 eye/every 10th row 5 x 1 eye/every 14th row 3 x 1 and every 12th row 2 x 1 eye. When touching the seam length cracul 14,5/21/28 cm from the left end 1 x 2 stitches in each of the 2nd row 2 x 1 eye, After the mesh pass on helpful andrea. Crac is tricoteaza other symmetrical to the first.

Back: Take on the no andrelele. 3.5 stitches from the back of the left and right cracului and tricoteaza dot Jersey = 64/72/80 mesh. At 21.5/30/39 cm from woven headband from both sides close 1 x 1 and eye of 18/20/24- 3rd row 1×1 stitch.
After 33/43/54 cm from woven headband, for rascroila manecilor close in both parties 1 x 3 mesh and every 2nd row 1 x 2 and 1 x 1 mesh eyes.
After 42/54/67 cm from woven headband, rascroila neck close to 8/8/10 middle stitches and knit fiecrare side will separately. Among the neck of rascroiala 2 from both sides close 1 x 4/6/7 meshes.
After 43/55/68 cm from woven headband, mesh is close to apple as, and the left shoulder stitches are tricoteaza point Jersey still 2 cm and then close.

The right and left front: It knits as well as the back, but with few exceptions. In the face model will be presented in Scheme No. 1, rascroiala neck will be more shallow than at the back and will no longer be knit 2 cm point Jersey with stitches in his left shoulder for the remaining.
So, After 16.5/25/34 cm from woven headband is performed on the 22 stitches in the middle of the model scheme no. 1.
After 40/52/64 cm from woven headband close to neck rascroiala 4/6/8 mesh size in the middle and each side will be knit separately: in every second row will be close from rascroielii neck edges 1 x 3 mesh, 1/1/2 x 2-1/2 and 1/1 x eye.
After 42/54/67 cm from woven headband, will perform two mesh production of buttonholes on left shoulder: 5 eyelet 1 's eye at the right, eye eyelet 2 on 11/12/14 at right edge. When I arrived at length on the back right shoulder stitches remaining close.

The sleeves: It mounts on the andrelele No. 3 with grey thread 39/43/47 stitches and beaded headband is a tricoteaza of Jersey and point 2 cm 1 turn inside out with girl. After which will knit with needles no. 3.5 adding personalized point of both sides every 8th row 3/4/5 x 1 eye and every 6th row 0/2/3 x 1 eye.
After 10/16.5/21.5 cm from the hook of the beaded headband on both sides 1 x 3/4/5 stitches in every second row 1 x 3/4-1/3 x 2/2/4-burners , 1 x 2/3/4-and 1 x 3/5/5-burners.
After 13/19.5/24.5 cm from the remaining stitches close woven headband.

Finishing: The cart details forming the right shoulder jumpsuit. Beaded headband 2 inches of my left shoulder is sewn below the detail that forms the left shoulder from the front. It sew sleeves, half sleeve suatura start at shoulder. It makes all of garment side seams. All Hair bands are inodoaie and sewn on the inside of the garment.
The seam edge of each crac of the seam is how many 64/96/132 stitches and 2 cm tricoteaza semielastic point ( 1 knit stitch, 1 purl stitch). Close stitches. Bentitei knitted edge is indoie with a length of 1 rand inward and sew. The internal parts are attached staples Hair bands spaced.
The internal rim of the left shoulder buttons are sewn two.

Mount on needle no. 2.5 corded 34 grey mesh and tricoteaza 3 cm elastic point (2 front stitches, 2 purl stitches), Finally adding spaced 5 stitches.
Then, from both sides it let andrelele help how many 15 stitches and knit 9 stitches in the Middle 3 cm point Jersey.
It mounts on the andrea 15 meshes of the left part. On the left side of 3 cm is picking up 7 stitches. After it mounts the 9 stitches in the Middle, 7 stitches from the right side and 15 meshes of the straight part = 53 stitches. With all the stitches are tricoteaza 2.5 cm point Jersey, After that the both sides stop on andrelele plates 22 and many helpful with the 9 stitches in the Middle will be the sole point Jersey knit, in each row knitting together the front or inside the last eye of the eye following the needles helpful. The tricoteaza in this way until andrelele's helpful 5 stitches remain. Close remaining stitches.
The back stitch.

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  • Hi, How are beginner, I have a small question… After doing 2 cm black pants, from the 8th century rand?, or when? I don't have any radurilor of the counting criterion (or I do not know I am playing). Thanks in advance!

    Petry 2 December, 2014 10:33 pm
  • Hi,
    In the 8th row after woven headband, then among 14,20,26,32, 42 etc.… – I mean the mesh to become imbedded cracul trousers.

    Nina 3 December, 2014 3:08 pm

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