Strengths and weaknesses watering by wick

pluses and minuses Wick watering system

plusuri si minusuri sistem udare fitilThe wick watering system – a method of watering African violets, which deploy the capabilities of capillary wick. Water from rezrvor and wet wick up through the potting soil mixture. As soon as the mixture of ground dried, the water is again ' absorbed '. As a result, the plant get the amount of water needed in a given moment of time and in accordance with the data (hot weather, cold, air humidity is increased/reduced etc.).

Existing shortcomings:
1. If the wick is made of material not needed and sat correctly in ghievci, the blending of Earth can be too wet, plant roots will rot in this case.
2. Supraumezirea soil creates a supportive environment for breeding sciaridelor.
3. African violets grow in size, If they are watered by Wick. This can happen if the offspring of African violets are planted in pots with a diameter of 10-12 cm. African violet puppies will feel more comfortable and will inlori abundant, if in the beginning will be planted in small pots, diameter 5.5-8 cm. Dimensions rosettes, in this case will develop normally.
4. If the tank is placed violets on the windowsill in winter, water in the tank cools quickly. Regardless of the method of watering, best be warmed sill, or African violets to be moved someplace warmer in the cold period.

If the wick watering system is applied correctly, strengths are:
1. African violets grow and develop in favorable conditions, without being stressed by dry soil or potting supraumezirea.
2. Concentrate optimum nutrient solution in the tank allows the plant to feed properly.
3. Potting soil moisture do not check every day.
4. Winter, due to poor air umeditatii, the top soil layer dries, and keeps moisture inside the pot, water is absorbed by the wick as necessary.
5. African violets can be left unattended for a long time (weeks), e.g.. During holidays, we have stressed that violets are watered on time.
6. Collection violet may comprise a large number of specimens without watering each pot in hand.
7. If breeding African violets by leaf, will keep control of water evaporation from the container ( something useful in a large collections).
8. African violets will bloom lush and much faster;
9. If humidity is high around African violets, they develop harmoniously. Water tank, evaporates in continuu apa, and humidity around the plant remains within acceptable limits.
10. Watering the fuse is ideal for miniature violets are planted in small pots. They can be dried in one day, if regular watering.
11. Given that nutrients will not reach the plant from the soil water, pot in which it is planted purple should be small (1/3 of the diameter of the rozetei plant). In this case we are saving on the amount of land required and the cost of planting pots violets ( As larger in diameter, even more expensive).
12. A small diameter of the pot allows the plant to develop normally. All help plant more nutrients to flourish, than to grow in size.
13. Applying this method correctly, African violets will be healthier, will develop and grow better, abundent before inflori. Obtain the necessary trace plant nutrients in the reservoir solutions and regulate soil moisture.

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