Foot highlighted outward and foot highlighted inward

bumbers spotlighted inwards

Legs raised for exterior and interior are similar to feet with jeteu. The only difference in crocheting these feet is that starting from the second row, crochet row is inserted between the legs above and not in the eye of the.

Feet in question are used in crocheting Hair bands, models outlined, Chains.

Foot pointed out:
piciorus reliefat spre exterior
Hook is mounted on one jeteu. Croseta with jeteul is inserted from the front side of the paper and goes after piciorusul row before then woman crocheting a paidipaty with jeteu or more jeteuri.
In the computer piciorusul schemes with jeteu presents itself to the outside beneath the next signsemn1 that looks more like number 5.




Bumbers spotlighted inwards:

piciorus reliefat spre interior


If croseta along with jeteul insert from the inside out to work and pass in front of the presser foot row above then it will croseta a foot with jeteu or more jeteuri- We will build a paidipaty spotlighted inwards. The presser foot with the jeteu inwards is the same but in the opposite direction back semn2

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