Pancakes with cheese

Pancakes with cheese
Clatite cu branza

Pancakes with cheese

Recently not home-made pancakes. Pancakes thin and tender leaf, finuta with almond flavor and a delicious cheese filling. And what mother is not with me, I am equipped with the necessary ... before made pancakes!!!


For 20 sheets pancakes:
2 oua;

3 Lingua old;
8-10 Lingus Faina;
500 ml lapte;
2 tablespoons olive oil;
Almond or vanilla essence;
1 pinch salt pinch.

For the filling:
500 g cottage cheese;
2 oua;
Gust old dupa;
Coaja or rasa of lamaie.

Beat the eggs with the salt and sugar until sugar melts. Add flour and mix well in the rain not to form lumps. Get a sticky and hard to handle dough with a spoon. Little by little add milk composition and chew well after each addition. Mixture is ready when it has a consistency similar to that of a fruit juice with lots of pulp.

Finally add the olive oil and essence.

Each sheet is filled with cheese mixed with raisins, two well beaten eggs with sugar and lemon zest.

Arrange stuffed crepes in a pan greased with butter and bake in oven 20-30 minutes. Place butter and sliced ​​thin and between pancakes.

Serve warm. Great lust!

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  • ffff buneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pancakes ….

    Esther 3 July, 2011 4:07 pm

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