Blue flower headband

Blue Flower woven headband

bentita Floare albastra
Head circumference: 42-46 cm;
You will need:
– 30 g white wire (100% cotton, 240 m/ 50 g);
– A few grams of blue thread;
– Croseta nr. 1.;
– 7 beads cream;
– 2 cm elastic.

Work description:
It is a chain of 116 stitches sweater one eye lifting chain and sweater as planned No.1.
Cut the thread and fits.

On the opposite side will be croseta again under no. 1.
schema bentita Floare albastra
Bentitei heads unite elasticity 2 cm.

Police car games is wrapped with a blue colour.

It will croseta the flower with white thread under no. 2 and wired blue under no. 3.

The flower will snap on elastic, the Center bead is cart bentitei.

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  • Please give more details: e.g., What does I ( It seems that it's not simple nor semipiciorus picorus) and how to do pico?

    the 22 September, 2012 8:37 am
  • Nina 18 October, 2012 9:58 pm

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