sweater with flowers

sweater with flowers

ilic cu floricele

For children aged between 1 year and 2 years.

We need:

75 g of yellow acrylic color acrylic rose 75 g of medium thickness, knitting No.3, crochet No.3, 4 năsturei, needle and thread.

Coat: point is knit by lazy (all rows are knit face).
Front and rear: the point is knitting knitting jerseu.Rândurile is alternately one face one another inside.

Density twine: 24 stitches x 30 rows = 10×10 cm.

Back: Mount 72 acrylic pink mesh on the knitting needles and 10 rows tricotează girl. After, tricotam 16 cm a front row, one inside using yellow acrylic. To neckline sleeve, from both sides, subtract a date 3 stitches and 3 times as many an eye. I stayed with 62 stitches. Împletim 13 cm front row, back row, After that we close the meshes 26 r. b.. Further each part a separate knitting. For neckline, tricotam 3 stitches together inside. The 16 stitches of a shoulder you complete. Shall also be done for the other shoulder.
Front left side:

Fit 38 acrylic pink mesh on the knitting needles. Tricotează 10 rows is lazy point (all rows are knit face). Further knits are as follows: 1 edge stitch, 5 lazy point meshes with pink acrylic, other mesh point is knit jersey with yellow acrylic.

schema ilic tricotat pentru copii

schematic ilic

Unused wire on the back of it we work on, so as not to raise braiding. Color change, sit cross hairs on the back of the paper, not to form a gap. Tricotam 18 cm and make the neckline sleeve similar to the procedure described in the ' back '. At the same time I was making to start English loose-fitting and loose-fitting neck which is performed in the following way: the last pink eye and the first eye yellow eye is formed. The procedure is repeated 11 times. After 14 cm from the beginning tricotării răscroielilor 16 stitches left shoulder ending, and the pink bat made of mesh is still tricotează 6 7 cm after ending.

Right in front: is knitting symmetric , but every 16 rows of Pink is tricotează edge 4 lacing for năsturei, in total 4 lacing. Cheotoarele is done as follows:1 edge stitch, 2 front stitches, 1 yarn over, in the second one and two mesh-mesh front.

The sleeve: Fit 38 acrylic pink mesh on the knitting needles. Tricotează 4 row point is lazy. After, the tricotează Jersey and point to play tunnel shape ends of both sides 1 stitch 13 times. The 12 remaining stitches ending.

Finishing: Parties are sewn knitted pattern accurately as. Năstureii and Accessorize are sewn clothes after fantasy.

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