78 Knitting Patterns

Modele de tricotat 14

  1. #1 written by Nina  (1 year ago)

    Good evening!
    Thank you very much for the feedback.
    I looked and in article Jacket with bow-knot, but unfortunately I did not find the word in marker description.
    I can send you the link to see what this article is all about?
    A beautiful evening!

  2. #2 written by Carroll  (1 year ago)


    I'm a beginner and don't understand what those symbols on the left of the image. Can you tell me where I can find their explanation?

    Thank you.
    An excellent day!

  3. #3 written by Nina  (1 year ago)

    To the video 27 (last) find explanations to the conventional signs used in these schemes.

  4. #4 written by Anonymous (1 year ago)

    very interesting for all ages bravo

  5. #5 written by Camellias  (1 year ago)

    the models are gorgeous, but not Deslusesc V sign,You,Arrow
    Brave. I want some models of crochet hats(but more detailed work) Sialte models

    • #6 written by Nina  (1 year ago)

      The images are larger, but you have on the image, click and it will open in its real size.
      Thank you for your appreciation! (I'll put and models of crochet hats)

  6. #7 written by ana Szabo  (1 year ago)

    A knitting book and want a home if you can. Thanks.

  7. #8 written by Nina  (1 year ago)

    Unfortunately I can not give the book. You can print models, the indosariati… and the book is ready!

  8. #9 written by Dale Eastman  (1 year ago)

    There are 2 months as here in Italy I bought a magazine with a good portion of these models!!!!!!!exactly the same model and the dn that is worked!!!!!!

  9. #10 written by Paul Amos  (1 year ago)

    Congratulations for your site, It's awesome and it really helps me a lot to who knows how to tricoteze

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